Fashion brand LAPPA

As the owners of a small family business dealing in textile products, inspired by the sensibility of the Mediterranean, we redirected our business to the establishment of a unique fashion brand. That's right, 2011. On the Montenegrin coast, in Budva near the Adriatic, the fashion brand LAPPA was born.

Immediately after that decision, the LAPPA atelier was founded - our oasis of peace and creativity, where the real magic of fashion expression is created through ideas, drawings, construction and precise work. Luxurious designs, unique prints, carefully selected materials of natural origin, specific emphasis on details and unique models, create a luxurious feeling, which at the same time represents timeless chic.

LAPPA addresses all brave, curious girls and women determined to be true to themselves and celebrate the beauty of life. Every moment of the effort is dedicated to the women we love, who are optimistic and harmonious and who feel glamorous and free at all times. To women who see clothes as a reflection of their personality and a part of their body.

Biljana Stojanovski

Biljana Stojanovski is the proud co-founder, creative director and mastermind of the LAPPA fashion brand.

She was born in Belgrade and is a proud bearer of the urban Belgrade spirit. Inspired by the Mediterranean and charmed by its beauty and immediacy, she found her spiritual aperitif and creative satisfaction in Budva, on the Adriatic coast. The Mediterranean way of life immediately and expectedly brought the idea for a new style of dressing to her doorstep. The sunny days of the intense summer season, the intoxication of the colors of untouched nature and the patina of Budva's Old Town, were reason enough for the creation of Biljana's first creation.

Her wide knowledge supplemented by the skill of sewing and tailoring, creativity, persistence and an unsurpassed need for successful creative expression, created the first, long and flowing summer dress. The model and cut of this dress turned Biljana's ambition into a successful business venture and defined the base of all future fashion creations of the Lappa brand.

The thistle flower, better known as "LAPPA" in Latin, represents the synergy of the harmony of nature and the diversity of the Mediterranean. The luxurious crown of the flower and the intense purple color symbolically depict the authenticity and perseverance of the brand.

We draw daily inspiration from a woman who nurtures naturalness, awakens emotions, evokes memories and radiates positive energy. For those who live freedom and love life with dignity, every LAPPA dress is an invitation to a story, in which you play the main role.